You have been invited to be a Callie Guardian

To get started, you will just need to download the Callie Guardian App, using the links below.

Don’t worry, it’s free and easy to get set up.

How Callie works

Keep track of your loved ones’ safety with Callie’s easy-to-use Guardian app. The Callie Guardian app gives a simple, streamlined way of seeing where your loved ones are, and whether they’re safe –all while respecting their privacy.

#1: Your loved ones use Callie

Every day, people use the Callie App while they’re on dates and nights out, when they’re on public transport, when they’re on holiday, and even when they’re out exercising.

Users who want to share their activities simply download the Callie App and invite people to be their trusted guardians.

Those users can then share their activities (riding in a taxi, going on a date) with their chosen guardians.

#2: You see updates in real time

Whenever one of your loved ones begins a “Watch Over Me” session or triggers an alert, you will be instantly notified and will be able to follow their GPS location in real-time. 

If your loved ones fail to “check in” as safe before their session ends, an alert will be sent out. They can also manually trigger an alert at any time.

Using the Callie Guardian app allows you to keep track of these shared sessions, as well as any alerts.

Download for free

24/7 ADT monitoring –the perfect gift

Give the gift of security. If you want even better peace of mind for you and your loved ones, you can now upgrade them to CalliePlus 24/7 protection.

With CalliePlus, your loved ones are monitored 24/7 by an accredited team of safety experts who will react to any alert within seconds. Learn more.

Instant response, 24/7

Our ADT-powered safety experts will check in with your loved ones within 10 seconds of an alert being raised. So, you’ll never miss an emergency.

Difficult situations

If your loved one feels under threat or uncomfortable, our expert responders will stay on the line while they remove themselves.

Emergency services

In a genuine emergency, our team are licensed to help the emergency services provide an affective and swift response.

We know a lot of people, particularly family members, want to buy CalliePlus protection for their loved ones, so we’ve made it easy to buy a month or a year’s subscription as a gift card.

Discover CalliePlus ADT protection gift cards