Callie’s free personal safety app

Callie’s free personal safety app is so much more than just a ‘panic alarm’.

Callie is full of handy safety features, is easy to use, and can help you feel more secure when you're out and about.

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Request help with a single tap

If you’re under threat, you can send an alert to your chosen guardians, with just one tap.

Once an alert is raised, your chosen guardians will be sent a live feed of your location and status.

Get peace of mind with live updates

Want a little extra support when you’re out alone? Start a Watch Over Me session to share a temporary feed of your location and status with your chosen guardians.

If you haven’t checked in as safe by the time your session is over, your guardians will be nudged to check in on you.

Get out of there with Fake Call

If you want to get out of a dangerous or difficult situation, you can trigger a ‘fake call’ with a simple tap.

The fake call looks and sounds exactly like a real call from a friend, and is perfect when you need to make your excuses and leave.

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An alarm receiving centre agent wearing a headset microphone positioned next to the ADT logo

Partnered with ADT for 24/7 support

With CalliePlus*, you can get 24/7 emergency support from one of the world’s most trusted safety brands.

If you’re in trouble, ADT’s professional responders will help you through the situation and, if necessary, liaise with the emergency services.

Learn about CalliePlus

You control what you want to share

With just a few taps you can set up trusted guardians (usually friends or family), who will be notified if you raise an alarm or start a Watch Over Me session.

What’s more, you can easily remove guardians from your list at any time, meaning no one will see what you don’t want them to.

Where safety meets security

With Callie, no one can see your data apart from you and your assigned guardians.

What’s more, Callie works to the highest standards of data security, meaning your information is safe.

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Pair with Callie’s safety jewellery

Combine the app with Callie’s beautiful and discreet safety jewellery for even better protection.

Callie’s safety alarm bracelets can raise alarms and start Watch Over Me sessions.

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