Free personal safety app for students

Find security and peace of mind with Callie’s free personal safety app for iOS and Android.

Packed full of handy safety features

Fake Call

Need an excuse to get out of a difficult situation? Trigger a believable fake call.

Request help

Send out an emergency alert with just one tap of your phone. Shares your live location and safety data.

Watch over me

Meeting someone for the first time or out for a jog? Share your activity with trusted contacts.

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Share as much or as little as you want

With Callie, you decide what you want to share, who you want to share it with, and for how long.

You can add and remove trusted contacts with just a tap, and no one can see your location without your permission.

Designed for students

For many students, university is the first time they have moved away from home. They may be in a new town, city or country.

Callie is designed to help students feel supported by their friends and loved ones, while also giving them the freedom to branch out on their own.

Whether you’re on a big night out, a date, a jog or your travels, Callie keeps you connected.

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