The best smart jewellery of 2024

Smart jewellery is where fashion meets technology. We love smart jewellery and it looks like 2024 will be a standout year for this exciting new sector.

We’ve put together a list of the coolest pieces of smart jewellery that you can buy this year. In this article, you’ll find four very different pieces with four very different purposes. 

We have fitness-tracking earrings, an SOS bracelet, a ring that will help you sleep better and even a necklace that will help you have a heart-to-heart with your loved ones!


Joule – smart fitness-tracking earings

Based out of Canada and available to pre-order, Joule is a rare example of ‘smart earrings’ or –to be more exact– ‘smart earring backers’. You see, with Joule, you actually buy a small earring backer that you can use with your regular ‘pin’ earrings.

The device can track heart rate, calories burned and activity level (much like a conventional fitness tracker) but is much more discreet than what you might normally wear on your wrist.

The device comes with a charging box and connects to an app via Bluetooth. 

Check out Joule.


Callie – smart safety bracelet

This year, UK-based Callie are launching their flagship ‘safety bracelet’. The Callie Bracelet is succinctly described as a ‘smart panic alarm cleverly disguised as premium jewellery’.

The bracelet connects via Bluetooth to Callie’s popular personal safety app and is made up of a precious metal band, and a metal-coated pendant which hides the underlying tech. 

When the bracelet is tapped, it triggers a ‘smart-alert’ via the Callie app; notifying the user’s chosen ‘guardians’ who can see the user’s live location in real time. Users can even set it up so that a tap will send an alert to Callie’s 24/7 security partners, ADT, who will handle the emergency.

The bracelet is designed to be beautifully minimal, so it can fit with any style. It is meant to be worn on dates, nights out, travels and ‘anywhere where you want to feel safer and more confident’.

All figures are subject to change before the product is released, but Callie says the bracelet battery will last ‘over a year and up to 10,000 taps’.

Check out the Callie Safety Bracelet.


Oura – sleep and women’s health smart ring

Oura’s smart rings track Sleep, Activity and Fitness, Readiness, Stress, Heart Health and Women’s Health. As with most of these options, the rings connect to a dedicated app.

We didn’t want to include two smart devices that track health and fitness but, since the Oura Ring can easily be worn at night (in a way that earings or watches typically can’t) it is much more focused on sleep tracking. They also specify ‘women's health’ including ‘cycle insights’, which distinguish it from Joule.

The rings are built from titanium and tout 7 day’s battery life before needing a charge.

Check out Oura’s smart rings

The Touch Locket – heartbeat-sharing necklace

In a slightly different approach, The Touch Locket allows users to ‘share their heartbeat’ with their loved ones via their smart necklace and a paired app.

Unlike the other options here, there are no health or security offerings, merely a new, novel way to connect. The heartbeat is actually tracked via the user’s smartphone, but pressing the necklace allows the loved one to feel that heartbeat on their chest at any time. 

It’s certainly a bold proposition and is largely unlike anything else on this list. As mentioned, it won’t make you safer or healthier but The Touch Locket does offer a very sweet proposal: feeling the heartbeat of your loved one, wherever you are.

The Touch Locket is clearly meant as a gift and so, appropriately, it comes in a variety of finishes –from ‘jet black’ stainless steel to fully gold plated, depending on your tastes and budgets. 

Check out The Touch Locket.



Hopefully, you’ve seen how wearable jewellery can help you get fitter, stay safer, sleep more soundly, and keep you more connected.

If you love smart jewellery and want to learn more about this exciting new industry, check out our companion piece,  “An introduction to smart jewellery”.