New safety feature: one-tap alert widgets

Image showing two smartphones –one shows a lock screen with an alert widget on it (a small warning triangle in a circle) and the other shows a larger widget on the home screen. The second widget shows a warning triangle and the words "send alert". Both are part of Callie's free personal safety app

We're very excited to announce our new one-tap alert widgets, which will make it easier for Callie users to call for help in distress situations.

While Callie offers lots of smart ways to automatically send a distress signal, having an easy, one-tap SOS button on the lock screen or home screen provides an extra level of safety in high-stress or threatening situations.

These SOS alert widgets are available on our free personal safety app, and with our premium, 24/7 safety monitoring service.

SOS alerts on the home and lock screen

With our latest update, Callie users have access to two helpful alert widgets. These widgets can be installed on the home screen or the lock screen and provide a quick and easy-to-use way to send out an SOS alert. This new update is available for iOS and Android*.

We've released two new "alert button" widgets that, when tapped, instantly open the Callie app and send out a smart alert. 

The alert will be sent as normal to the user's chosen guardians (usually friends, family, or partners) who will be able to see the user's live location and safety details.

*Widget availability depends on device and operating system. Lock screen widget is currently only available on Apple iOS. We hope to bring lock screen widgets to Android when as they make this feature available.


A close up of a smart phone shows the Callie alert widget (which looks like a warning triangle icon in a circle) next to a bar showing an incoming call from ADT and an alert notification for one of Callie's users.

One-tap alerts and 24/7 ADT response

If a user is on Callie's premium CalliePlus plan, the alert will also be sent to security experts ADT –who will check in on the user, help them through the situation and, if necessary, will liaise with the emergency services on the user's behalf.

Imagine you're walking home and you feel unsafe. You can tap a button on your lock screen and, within 30 seconds, be talking to an accredited safety expert, who can see your location, stay with you on the phone until you get to your destination, and escalate the situation to the emergency services if needs be. 

Our new alert widgets are available on our free plan but, if you want to upgrade to our ADT-backed CalliePlus Protection, you can do so at any time through the app.

Right now, CalliePlus' ADT-backed, 24/7 protection is only £9.99 a month or £99 a year.**

How to add the Callie alert widgets to your phone

iOS – add the lock screen widget

  1. Touch and hold the Lock Screen until the Customise button appears, then tap Customise.

  2. Select Lock Screen.

  3. Tap the widget space and it will open an “Add Widgets” section.

  4. Find the Callie app in the list of Widgets

  5. Tap or drag to add the widget

iOS – add the home screen widget

  1. From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle.

  1. Tap the “Add” ( it looks like a + Plus) button in the top left-hand corner.

  2. Type in Safepoint in the search bar and tap “Callie”.

  3. Hit “Add Widget” and move it to where you want to add it.

Android – add the home screen widget

  1. On a Home screen, touch and hold an empty space.

  2. Tap “Widgets”.

  3. Search for “Callie”

  4. Drag and drop the widget to your home screen.

  5. You can resize the widget to the size and shape you want.