Internship: Digital Marketing and Social Media

The Project

This is an exciting opportunity to join the Callie team as we launch our new tech-enabled safety jewellery and mobile app. Your role will be to create engaging social media content that will resonate with our target audience, spread the word about our values and goals, and help promote our products and services.

Our target audience is young people (around 18-30) who want to feel in control of their personal safety when they’re out and about. While the candidate will be aiming to reach a wide range of people, we know that there is particular interest in our product from young women, so an interest in personal safety from a female lens would be beneficial.

Our audience lives on social media (particularly TikTok and Instagram), so we want creative thinkers to break through the noise and create exciting concepts that will stand out on those platforms. 

There will also be opportunities for long and short-form writing, such as blogs and Twitter, but it should be noted that we are mostly looking for a creative candidate with a positive attitude, so a lack of formal writing experience shouldn’t be seen as a barrier. 

Primarily, this is a project for people who understand social media, who think creatively, and who can turn ideas into results (with support from us, of course!).  

Here's a rundown of what you'll be doing:

Brand Awareness: You will help build brand awareness for Callie by creating compelling social media content that makes people laugh, smile, think, and take action. You will help place Callie as a service that understands its audience. You will help people appreciate and trust the Callie brand. You will help show Callie’s products in the best light.

Audience Engagement: You will be creating and sharing content that will make people take action. Whether serious or surreal, on-trend or unexpected, your goal is to bring in likes, shares and followers. We want to cultivate and grow a switched-on audience who gets what we’re doing and wants to be part of it.

Education and Information: You will help educate the target audience about the benefits and features of Callie, showcasing how it enhances personal safety and empowers individuals. Personal safety is a nuanced and serious topic, particularly as it relates to different identities and communities, so a sensitivity to that is vital. 

Generating Excitement: Callie represents years of consideration for our company and so we want to leave our audience eager to learn more about the platform and what it has to offer. We want to see our audience as excited about Callie as we are, and your creativity will help get us there!

Establishing a Positive Image: For Callie, our reputation is key. You'll emphasise the platform's reliability, user-friendliness, and commitment to personal safety. While we are looking for bold, creative ideas, you’ll be working with our design team, among other stakeholders, to keep our brand and image consistent and positive.

Overall, your work will play a crucial role in ensuring the successful launch of the Callie safety platform by effectively utilising social media platforms to generate awareness, engagement, and excitement among the target audience.

You should see this opportunity as a way to leave your mark –and to push forwards bold ideas– while having the support and the structure of a professional, creative team. If you’re switched on, have experience making content for social media, and aren’t afraid to try things out, then you’ll find an open and welcoming environment to create something really exciting.

Role Description

During the internship, you will be responsible for performing various tasks related to social media content creation and management. The specific tasks that you will undertake for the duration of the internship include:

Content Creation: You will create bold and good-looking content primarily for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. This will involve scripting, filming and editing videos or reels, writing compelling captions, mocking up designs and selecting on-brand imagery. It would be a real advantage if you are happy to be in front of a camera, but you shouldn’t see this as a barrier to entry. At all times, you will need to be consistent with the Callie brand guidelines.

Social Media Calendar: You will collaborate with the marketing team to develop a social media content calendar, outlining the schedule for posts, campaigns, and other promotional activities. You will ensure the timely execution of planned content to maintain a consistent online presence.

Research and Trend Analysis: You will conduct research on industry trends, competitor strategies, and target audience preferences to stay updated and incorporate relevant insights into the social media content strategy. Understanding and spotting trends, topics, memes and audiences will all be vital. 

Engaging with the Audience: You will actively monitor and engage with the audience by responding to comments, messages, and inquiries on social media platforms. You will foster meaningful conversations, address customer concerns, and provide accurate information about the Callie platform. Sometimes a situation will require humour, sometimes sensitivity. You will receive plenty of support, but also we will be trusting you to talk on behalf of Callie, once you’re ready to. 

Analytics and Reporting: You will use social media analytics tools (e.g., Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights) to track the performance of social media campaigns, measure key metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversions, and prepare regular reports. These reports will provide insights into the effectiveness of different content types and help refine future social media strategies. If you’ve never looked into analytics before (beyond seeing how many likes your Reel has got), that’s fine –we can show you the ropes! But just know that we are a data-driven company, so we take KPIs seriously.

Put together, these tasks make up the bulk of what you’ll be doing. Studying the audience, coming up with interesting ideas, communicating with our team, putting those ideas into action, engaging with the community, and reporting back your results –this is the foundation of the role. 

Skills and Qualities Required

This is an entry-level position, so we don’t expect you to know everything. However, you will be expected to create awesome social media content, and to do that here are some skills we expect you to have.


Social Media Savviness: You've got to be familiar with different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and (to a lesser extent) LinkedIn. Knowing the ins and outs of each platform and their best practices will help you create content that hits the mark. Extra points if you can show us some content you’ve created in the past.

Excellent Communication: It’s essential that you can express your ideas through verbal, written or drawn communication. The candidate will need to write descriptions and captions in social posts and may be required to write longer content such as blogs. While we would love to see someone who can write professional-standard content, we are mainly interested in creative individuals with a talent for making photo and video content, so please don’t be put off if you struggle with formal writing! 

Creativity: We need someone who can come up with fresh and eye-catching social media content that really grabs attention and stands out from the crowd. We believe in a “no bad idea” atmosphere, but you should have the confidence to present concepts to a team, and the ability to run with an idea. 

Understanding the audience: Personal safety is a tricky topic, so understanding the issues and concerns that are important to young people is vital. You should be switched on to what’s happening on social media, and the wider world. Being sensitive to issues around young people’s personal safety would be really valuable. 


Research Skills: Time to do some detective work! You'll need to dig up info on industry trends, what our target audience likes, and what our competitors are up to. This research will help you create content that really resonates.

Analytical Skills: You'll need to analyse data from social media analytics tools to see how our campaigns are performing. It's all about understanding what's working and what needs improvement. Again, it’s fine if you don’t have much experience with social media analytics, but any experience you have with results-based work would be great!

Time Management and Organisation: Juggling multiple tasks and meeting deadlines is the name of the game. You'll need to manage your time well, stay organised, and make sure our social media calendar stays on track.

Team Collaboration: You'll be working with the marketing team, designers, and other folks, so being a team player is crucial. You should be able to share your ideas, communicate effectively, and provide (and take) constructive feedback.

Front-of-camera confidence: As you will know, a lot of great content is made by getting in front of a camera and talking. There are of course loads of other ways to make great content, but if you have experience performing in front of a camera, that would be a huge advantage.

Benefits of the Internship

Throughout this internship, you’ll grow to be a very capable social media manager. The key skills that you will develop will be:

  • Social media management
  • Content creation –mainly through still-image and videos, but also through writing
  • Audience engagement and community building
  • Data analysis and metrics interpretation
  • Research and market analysis
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Use of industry-standard software for design and video production. 

While working with us, you will also enjoy a fun and supportive work environment. Some of the perks include:

  • A mix of working from home and our UEA Research Park-based office
  • Laptop and filming equipment provided
  • Make your mark on a new brand identity
  • Freedom to explore creative filmmaking, photography, design and writing projects
  • Training in programs such as Indesign, Photoshop and more
  • A relaxed, creative atmosphere
  • We run (non-compulsory) social events so you can get to know the rest of the team
  • We’ll provide references, CV reviews and career advice as needed when your internship comes to an end.

We’ll provide you with initial training to familiarise you with the Callie brand, guidelines, and social media platforms. We’ll also make training courses available to fill any gaps in your knowledge around content creation, platform-specific best practices, or utilising social media management tools.

We’ll give you the chance to regularly check in with a supervisor to allow you the opportunity to reflect on your progress, discuss any challenges or areas of improvement, and set goals for continued growth throughout the internship.

By the end of the internship, you will have gained practical experience in social media management, content creation, audience engagement, data analysis, research, collaboration, and communication. These skills will be valuable assets as you pursue future opportunities in the field of social media, marketing, or digital communications.

Our company

We are a small company that was founded in Norwich but is now split between Norwich, Ely and Essex. Essentially, we all work from home most of the time, unless we are coming together for creative sessions or similar events where it’s best to be in one place.

Our office is based in The Enterprise Centre in the UEA’s Research Park. If our new candidate is local, we may start the internship predominantly in the office, to better get them up to speed. If the candidate is not local, we are happy for them to work from home permanently, with regular check-ins via video calls.

We are a safety tech company. Our main business (for now!) is Safepoint –which produces safety apps and devices for people who work alone or in high-risk roles. Callie is our first major new brand since creating Safepoint in 2017 and is different in that it caters to the B2C (business to consumer) market. Expanding from workplace safety to personal safety is a huge shift, and so it offers some really exciting opportunities. 

Overall, we offer a relaxed and positive working environment. We have predominantly worked from home for a number of years, and we are very flexible when it comes to booking holiday or working around appointments, for example.

We maintain a modern, inclusive environment, and hopefully, one where you will feel supported and valued. The company is split into development, design and marketing, and sales. You will be working in the design and marketing team, but all teams help and support each other, so you will quickly meet everyone.

You can apply for the role at the listing on UEA's MyCareer Central.